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Anonymous asked: "Is your FBOFW sequel coming up soon? Just excited for it! Patiently anticipating. ; )"

Hi! I’m hoping to start posting in a couple of weeks maybe - the writing has been going a bit slower than I was hoping, but it’s going. And I’m not even at home right now, I’m still travelling, but once I’m back I’ll get the FBOFW sequel finished as quickly as possible.

BTW the sequel is going to be called From This Day Forward. :)

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We’re getting married. I know you.


Idk if this was noticed but in the first gif you can see blurry Kurt behind the shower water and in the second gif you can see Blaine’s shadow and a little bit of him on the very right. You can also see the same window in the background, and Kurt’s in the same spot next to it in both gifs. Not to mention Kurt’s hair is soaked and he’s in a robe which means he just got out of the shower which means that not only is Kurt standing there next to naked Blaine, but they were taking a shower together and doNt tOuCh mE


You Make Me Feel So Young