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Catalysis — Chapter 16



Title: Catalysis
Author: Nadiacreek
Cover Art By: Hopelesslydevotedgleek

Summary: Kurt Hummel chose his soulmate too early. Blaine Anderson thought he’d never have a chance to choose one at all.


October 29, 2023

“Mommy’s dress was so beautiful, Daddy! It was all white and the bottom was poofy and the top wasn’t poofy it was like a shirt but with no sleeves so if you just look at her shoulders it was like she was naked except she’s not naked that would be silly, haha!, but the bottom part was all poofy like a tutu but way longer all the way to her feet!”

“We really need to work on your fashion vocabulary,” Kurt said with a distressed shake of his head. He held tight to Roo’s hand as they navigated the airport corridors, which were crowded with travelers even at this late hour.

“Mommy said I looked dashing, but that’s not true because dashing means like running or walking really fast, and I was standing still when she said that.”

He must have napped on the plane. There was no other way he could be this energetic at 11 PM. Kurt hoped that he’d be able to get back to sleep once they got home, at least. “Dashing is another word for handsome,” he explained.

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